2016 GHOST Rover Tests: Our Tools

Instruments onboard the MSL rover in Gale Crater (Image: JPL/NASA)

Instruments onboard the MSL rover in Gale Crater        (Image: JPL/NASA)

While we are out in the field pretending to be Mars rovers, we need to be able to gather the same kind of data that we acquire on Mars.  There are many impressive instruments on both Spirit and Opportunity – the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) – as well as Curiosity – the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL).  For this week, we are limited to those instruments which we are capable of taking out into the field, and many of the MER and MSL instruments do not have field-portable analog instruments here on Earth.


Fortunately, we have two field-portable instruments that are excellent analogs for those on board the current Mars rovers:

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